List of the Reviewers

Information presents how to properly prepare an manuscript before submitting to the Editor:


Language of publication

The papers should be prepared in Polish or English. Title, information about the Author, abstract and keywords should always be prepared in two, identical, language versions (Polish and English).


Submit the manuscript

The manuscript can be sent to the e-mail address or traditional mail to the Editor's address. Contact Person: Barbara Rubik - Deputy Editor-in-Chief (mobile: 605 032 330).


Structure of the manuscript

The manuscript should be arranged in numbered sections with the appropriate logical sequence between sections. Sections should be numbered (excluding the abstracts) while preserving important information. Suggested layout:

1. Title. Please provide in two identical language versions (Polish and English). The title should reflect in a concise and unambiguous manner the content of the manuscript. Avoid shortcuts and equations. Maximum length - 20 words.

2. Names and names of Authors and affiliations - with the names of the authors, indicate the current place of employment, indicating the e-mail address of the Author of the correspondence.


3. Summary. It should be prepared in the same two language versions (Polish and English). The summary should be divided into the following paragraphs (with the name of the paragraph in question):




     Conclusions and relevance to practice:


4. Keywords. Provide up to 6 keywords in two languages ??(Polish and English)

Keep in mind that keywords are used in indexing manuscripts in search engines and in databases.

5. Introduction. Please provide a justification for the topic considering current knowledge.

6. Aim. It is important to define the purpose of the presented material as well as the research conducted.

7. Methods. Provide comprehensive information to enable re-testing. The use of the method described in detail in another publication needs to be referred to in the bibliography.

8. Results. The results should be clearly stated and facilitated.

9. Discussion / Conclusions. The relevance of the conclusions of the study and the reference to the existing knowledge should be given.

10. Summary. It is important to point out the possibility of using the obtained applications in a broader scope, their practical application or further development.

11. Sources of funding. Provide the necessary information to identify sources of research funding, if any.

12. Bibliography. Please indicate the bibliographic information of all information cited in the manuscript.



Editing requirements

1. The volume of manuscript should not exceed 10 pages of manuscript.

2. Signatures under drawings and tables should be in two identical language versions.

3. Tables should be placed in text form. Tables can be placed in the manuscript body or on a separate page at the end of the manuscript. The numbering of the table should be in line with their invocation in the text. Please note that the information presented in the table is not included in the text of the manuscript.

4. Draw pictures in high quality and upload in separate files in eps or jpg / tiff format, (minimum 300 dpi). Drawings should not be prepared in the following formats: GIF, BMP, PICT, WPG.

5. Recalling the textual position in the text should be in square brackets with a number indicating the number of entries in the bibliography.

6. Positions in bibliography should not be inserted into tables. Order of items in bibliography (literature) alphabetical. The list of bibliographies (in square brackets, at the end of the manuscript - and references in the text) used in the manuscript should be alphabetically arranged in the Chicago style.

Formal bibliographic record:


Author # 1 surname # 1 name, author # 2 name # 2 surname. Year "Title". Magazine volume (booklet): pages.

Note the separation of data parts with dots, while the quotation marks are used when labelling the manuscript title. Using this technique will definitely improve the readability of the entry. The number of the notebook is typed in parentheses. Warning! The colon is used before inserting the page number on which the manuscript was placed in a given journal. Exception - if the Author's name cannot be written in full version, please enter the initials of the name. Example (Source: PBN):

Kawlewski Krzysztof, Eugeniusz Świtoński. 2013. "The application of genetic algorithms in optimization of the control of the working movement of the bridge crane". Industrial Transport and Machinery 19 (1): 37-41.

We suggest using the format of the manuscript specified by the Editor.


Author`s copy

Authors receive one copy of the issue.



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