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District Heating  Heating Ventilation (acronym COW), the monthly, leading and well recognized journal in the field of district heating, space heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The journal is published by
the Publishing House of Magazines and Technical Books

ul. Ratuszowa 11, 00-950 Warsaw, post box no. 1004, Poland
phone: +48 22 818-09-18, +48 22 818-98-32
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The first issue was published in 1969.

The journal is indexed ISSN 0137-3676, e-ISSN 2449-9900

The aim of District Heating Heating Ventilation is to provide information on the latest achievements and developments in the industry of district heating, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

District Heating, Heating, Ventilation is a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience for scientists and industry professionals. The articles presented in the  journal  provide designers, investors and managers of buildings as well as university students with information on industry trends, technical innovations and research forecasts, and present the results of scientific research work in universities and in research and development units.

The subject matter of the magazine focuses on the following aspects:

·        Physics of buildings

·        Thermal comfort and indoor air quality with evaluation and controlling methods

·        Natural and mechanical ventilation, industrial ventilation

·        HVAC & R systems

·        Air distribution in buildings equipped in HVAC systems

·        fire safety of buildings

·        Energy recovery systems in buildings

·        District heating and energy supply

·        Application of renewable energy sources in buildings

·        Energy demands and consumption in existing and future buildings

·        Energy saving in built-up area

·        Energy efficient buildings, intelligent buildings and sustainable buildings

·        Integration of architectural design, mechanical and lighting systems

·        New materials in buildings and their impact on energy demands,

·        External and internal design parameters for energy efficiency of buildings, and knowledge related to environmental engineering.


The journal presents:

·        publications of recognized scientists

·        full scientific/technical information - related to district heating, heating, ventilation and air conditioning

·        the latest research results

·        information from conferences, conventions and trade fairs

·        rich advertising offers of leading firms and companies

The journal is indexed in the following databases:

·        BazTech

·        Index Copernicus

·        Pol-index

Authors: distinguished scientists from the Polish and foreign universities and institutes as well as recognised practitioners in the field of district heating, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, including physics of building and refrigeration. 

Readers: highly qualified engineers and technicians, designers, builders, process engineers and advanced technical university students. Permanent subscribers are i. a.: design offices, municipal economy companies, housing cooperatives, executive companies, municipal and commune offices, high schools, research institutes, schools, libraries and individual recipients. 

Permanent subscribers include: project offices, municipal utilities, housing cooperatives, executive companies, city and municipal offices, universities, research institutes, schools, libraries and individual recipients.

The journal is also subscribed by the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers for its members. 

Advertisersthe best Polish and foreign companies from industry manufacturers, service providers and distributors of equipment for district heating, space heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The articles published in the journal are marked with the number of DOI (Digital Object Identifier) which constitutes a digital identifier of an electronic document. 

The original version of the journal is the printed version. 

District Heating, Heating, Ventilation is issued in A4 format on chalk paper, in 4c / 2c colours. The volume of the number is 40 pages + 4 covers. Frequency of appearing - monthly. Distribution method: mail distribution, subscription only.

On the website you may buy electronic versions of articles since 2004.

Free, electronic versions include annuals 2007 and previous.

The journal supports publishing in the Open Access format. More information is available in the information for Authors.


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